Staff Scientists (SLAC) and Academic Research Associates (Stanford)

Staff Scientist (a SLAC position)

Staff scientists are fundamental to the success of SLAC’s scientific mission. SLAC strives to attract and retain the highest quality scientists. SLAC recognizes the scientific achievements made by its staff scientists and works to promote their career growth. SLAC supports a vigorous staff scientist career path. Typically, upon completing their postdoctoral studies, researchers are appointed as associate staff scientists for fixed terms of 3-5 years. The next step is usually as staff scientist, followed by senior staff scientist and finally, distinguished staff scientist. These are employed positions at SLAC.

Academic Research Associate (a Stanford position)

Research Associates have academic appointments through Stanford University. The appointments are for set number of years, and tied to specific research programs. Researchers have usually completed their postdoctoral studies, and are career scientists.