Arranging Travel

Policy regarding travel arrangements are generally the same for Stanford and for SLAC.

Travel Agents/Travel Sites

  • Scientists may use any travel agent or travel web site to arrange their travel.
  • Stanford has three preferred travel agencies that are knowledgeable about travel policies. See “Travel in Fingate for details.
  • Egencia allows travellers to designate a travel arranger to book their trips. It may provide a discount for Stanford business travel.


Usually when travel is paid with US government-sponsored funds travellers are expected to comply with the FlyAmerica Act or the Open Skies . If so, you must follow this requirement.

See the “Policy Notes: FlyAmerica Act” section in Fingate for details or SLAC Travel website.

Local Travel

Local travel is considered travel that is 50 miles or less each way from Stanford/SLAC or the traveler’s home to the business destination, whichever is farthest:

  • No overnight stay is allowed unless the work day exceeds 12 hours
  • No meals or per diem may be claimed for a one-day trip

See the “Policy Notes: Reimbursable Business Expenses section in Fingate for details.

If the trip meets the criterion for overnight stay, submit a justification with the request.  See this template.

International Travel

Travellers may want to register their emergency contact information on Stanford’s International Travel website. Travellers can record information for each trip. Should there be a problem, such as the 2011 earthquake in Japan or a student who loses touch with his family, Stanford will be able to find the traveller and get help.

Lodging and Meals

Stanford offers several options for determining  how travel expenses are reimbursed. See Reimbursement Options on Fingate travel for information about actual and per diem expenses.   Also check SLAC’s Travel website for government allowable per diem allocations.

Note: if a meal is included in a conference registration, travellers may not request reimbursement for that same meal purchased elsewhere. Take such meals into account if requesting per diem reimbursement. Click here for more information. <>

Car Rental

For information on renting a car, visit Fingate Resources & Job Aids: Car Rental.

Please note, Stanford will reimburse for a GPS unit, if this is needed.  SLAC usually will not reimburse for GPS units.

Receipts to Save

Travellers should keep the following receipts for later submission with their expense reports:

  1. Conference Registration Fee: this receipt must show the fee has been paid.
  2. Airfare: Copy of ticket, showing the itinerary and cost, and the last four digits of the credit card used. Keep boarding pass stub or copy, if possible.
  3. Hotel: itemized hotel receipt (folio).
  4. Ground Transportation: taxis, shuttles, train, bus. If using a personal car to get to the airport, include the mileage to/from home/SLAC/Stanford to the airport (whichever is less).
  5. Car Rental: receipts for car rental, gas, parking, etc.

Emergency Medical Coverage

Everyone has access to emergency coverage while overseas.