"Ultrafast polarization response of an optically-trapped single ferroelectric nanowire"

S. Nah: Y. Kuo, F. Chen, J. Park, R. Sinclair, and A. M. Lindenberg; ACS Nanoletters, 07/22/14.

Additional Authors: Y. Kuo, F. Chen, J. Park, R. Sinclair, and A. M. Lindenberg


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One-dimensional potassium niobate nanowires are of interest as building blocks in integrated piezoelectric devices, exhibiting large nonlinear optical and piezoelectric responses. Here we present femtosecond measurements of light-induced polarization dynamics within an optically trapped ferroelectric nanowire, using the second-order nonlinear susceptibility as a real-time structural probe. Large amplitude, reversible modulations of the nonlinear susceptibility are observed within single nanowires at megahertz repetition rates, developing on few-picosecond time-scales, associated with anomalous coupling of light into the nanowire.