"Topological properties of ferromagnetic superconductors"

Alfred K. C. Cheung : S. Raghu; Physical Review B, 04/27/16.

Additional Authors: S. Raghu


A variety of heavy fermion superconductors, such as UCoGe, UGe2, and URhGe exhibit a striking coexistence of bulk ferromagnetism and superconductivity. In the first two materials, the magnetic moment decreases with pressure, and vanishes at a ferromagnetic quantum critical point (qcp). Remarkably, the superconductivity in UCoGe varies smoothly with pressure across the qcp and exists in both the ferromagnetic and paramagnetic regimes. We argue that in UCoGe, spin-orbit interactions stabilize a time-reversal invariant odd-parity superconductor in the high pressure paramagnetic regime. Based on a simple phenomenological model, we predict that the transition from the paramagnetic normal state to the phase where superconductivity and ferromagnetism coexist is a first-order transition.