"Strange metallicity in the doped Hubbard model"

Edwin W. Huang: Ryan Sheppard, Brian Moritz, Thomas P. Devereaux; Science, 11/22/19.

Additional Authors: Ryan Sheppard, Brian Moritz, Thomas P. Devereaux


Strange or bad metallic transport, defined by incompatibility with the conventional quasiparticle picture, is a theme common to many strongly correlated materials, including high-temperature superconductors. The Hubbard model represents a minimal starting point for modeling strongly correlated systems. Here we demonstrate strange metallic transport in the doped two-dimensional Hubbard model using determinantal quantum Monte Carlo calculations. Over a wide range of doping, we observe resistivities exceeding the Mott-Ioffe-Regel limit with linear temperature dependence. The temperatures of our calculations extend to as low as 1/40 of the noninteracting bandwidth, placing our findings in the degenerate regime relevant to experimental observations of strange metallicity. Our results provide a foundation for connecting theories of strange metals to models of strongly correlated materials.