"Quench dynamics and Hall response of interacting Chern insulators"

Michael Schüler: Jan Carl Budich and Philipp Werner; Physical Review B, 07/02/19.

Additional Authors: Jan Carl Budich and Philipp Werner


We study the coherent nonequilibrium dynamics of interacting two-dimensional systems after a quench from a trivial to a topological Chern insulator phase. While the many-body wave function is constrained to remain topologically trivial under local unitary evolution, we find that the Hall response of the system can dynamically approach a thermal value of the postquench Hamiltonian, even though the efficiency of this thermalization process is shown to strongly depend on the microscopic form of the interactions. Quite remarkably, the effective temperature of the steady-state Hall response can be arbitrarily tuned with the quench parameters. Our findings suggestawayofinducingandobservinglow-temperaturetopologicalphenomenaininteractingultracoldatomic gases, where the considered quench scenario can be realized in current experimental setups.