"Pseudo-gap crossover in the electron-phonon system"

I. Esterlis: S. A. Kivelson, and D. J. Scalapino; Physical Review B, 05/24/19.

Additional Authors: S. A. Kivelson, and D. J. Scalapino


Thermodynamic properties of the square-lattice Holstein model of the electron-phonon problem with phonon frequencies small compared to the bare Fermi energy are obtained using Monte Carlo methods, a strong-coupling (bipolaronic) expansion, and a weak-coupling Migdal-Eliashberg approach. Already at elevated temperatures where the charge-density wave (CDW) and superconducting (SC) correlations are very short range, a crossover occurs as a function of increasing electron-phonon coupling, λ0, from a normal metallic regime to a pseudogap regime. At sufficiently low T, a SC phase is found for small λ0 and a commensurate insulating CDW phase for large λ0.