"Phase retrieval in x-ray lensless holography by reference beam tuning"

Zhu D: Wu B, Rick R, Stöhr J, Scherz A.; Opt Lett., 09/01/09.

Additional Authors: Wu B, Rick R, Stöhr J, Scherz A.


We show the ability to determine the relative phase between the object and a reference scatterer by tuning the overall intensity and phase of the reference wave. The proposed reference-guided phase retrieval algorithm uses the relative phase as a constraint to iteratively reconstruct the object and the reference simultaneously, and thus does not require precisely defined reference structures. The algorithm also features rapid and reliable convergence and overcomes the uniqueness problem. The method is demonstrated by a soft-x-ray coherent imaging experiment that utilizes a large micrometer-sized reference structure that can be turned on and off, yielding an object image with resolution close to the reconstruction pixel size of 21 nm.