"Observing photo-induced chiral edge states of graphene nanoribbons in pump-probe spectroscopies"

Yuan Chen: Yao Wang , Martin Claassen, Brian Moritz, and Thomas P. Devereaux; npj Quantum Materials, 11/10/20.

Additional Authors: Yao Wang , Martin Claassen, Brian Moritz, and Thomas P. Devereaux


Photo-induced edge states in low-dimensional materials have attracted considerable attention due to the tunability of topological properties and dispersion. Specifically, graphene nanoribbons have been predicted to host chiral edge modes upon irradiation with circularly polarized light. Here, we present numerical calculations of time-resolved angle resolved photoemission spectroscopy and trRIXS of a graphene nanoribbon. We characterize pump-probe spectroscopic signatures of photo-induced edge states, illustrate the origin of distinct spectral features that arise from Floquet topological edge modes, and investigate the roles of incoming photon energies and finite core–hole lifetime in RIXS. With momentum, energy, and time resolution, pump-probe spectroscopies can play an important role in understanding the behavior of photo-induced topological states of matter.