"Non-Fermi-liquid fixed point in a Wilsonian theory of quantum critical metals"

A. Liam Fitzpatrick: Shamit Kachru, Jared Kaplan, and S. Raghu; Phys. Rev. B , 09/10/13.

Additional Authors: Shamit Kachru, Jared Kaplan, and S. Raghu


We study the problem of disorder-free metals near a continuous quantum critical point. We depart from the standard paradigm [Hertz, Phys. Rev. B 14, 1165 (1976) and Millis, Phys. Rev. B 48, 7183 (1993)] and treat both fermions and bosons (i.e., order parameter fields) on equal footing. We construct a Wilsonian effective field theory that integrates out only high-energy boson and fermion modes. Below the upper critical dimension of the theory (d=3 spatial dimensions), we find new fixed points in which the bosons are described by the Wilson-Fisher fixed point and are coupled to a non-Fermi-liquid metal. We describe subtleties with the renormalization group flow of four-Fermi interactions, which can be surmounted in a controlled large-N limit. In this limit, we find that the theory has no superconducting instability.