"Nanoscale perspective: Materials designs and understandings in lithium metal anodes"

Dingchang Lin: Yayuan Liu, Allen Pei, Yi Cu; Nano Research, 05/19/17.

Additional Authors: Yayuan Liu, Allen Pei, Yi Cu


Li metal chemistry is a promising alternative with a much higher energy density than that of state-of-the-art Li-ion counterparts. However, significant challenges including safety issues and poor cyclability have severely impeded Li metal technology from becoming viable. In recent years, nanotechnologies have become increasingly important in materials design and fabrication for Li metal anodes, contributing to major progress in the field. In this review, we first introduce the main achievements in Li metal battery systems fulfilled by nanotechnologies, particularly regarding Li metal anode design and protection, ultrastrong separator engineering, safety monitoring, and smart functions. Next, we introduce recent studies on nanoscale Li nucleation/deposition. Finally, we discuss possible future research directions. We hope this review delivers an overall picture of the role of nanoscale approaches in the recent progress of Li metal battery technology and inspires more research in the future.