"Monte Carlo Studies of Quantum Critical Metals"

Erez Berg: Samuel Lederer, Yoni Schattner, Simon Trebst; Annual Review of Condensed Matter Physics, 11/16/18.

Additional Authors: Samuel Lederer, Yoni Schattner, Simon Trebst


Metallic quantum critical phenomena are believed to play a key role in many strongly correlated materials, including high-temperature superconductors. Theoretically, the problem of quantum criticality in the presence of a Fermi surface has proven to be highly challenging. However, it has recently been realized that many models used to describe such systems are amenable to numerically exact solution by quantum Monte Carlo (QMC) techniques, without suffering from the fermion sign problem. In this review, we examine the status of the understanding of metallic quantum criticality and the recent progress made by QMC simulations. We focus on the cases of spin-density wave and Ising nematic criticality. We describe the results obtained so far and their implications for superconductivity, non-Fermi liquid behavior, and transport near metallic quantum critical points. Some of the outstanding puzzles and future directions are highlighted.