"Holon Wigner Crystal in a Lightly Doped Kagome Quantum Spin Liquid"

Hong-Chen Jiang: Devereaux, T., Kivelson, S.A.; Phys Rev Lett, 08/07/17.

Additional Authors: Devereaux, T., Kivelson, S.A.


We address the problem of a lightly doped spin liquid through a large-scale density-matrix renormalization group study of the tJ model on a kagome lattice with a small but nonzero concentration δ of doped holes. It is now widely accepted that the undoped (δ=0) spin-1/2 Heisenberg antiferromagnet has a spin-liquid ground state. Theoretical arguments have been presented that light doping of such a spin liquid could give rise to a high temperature superconductor or an exotic topological Fermi liquid metal. Instead, we infer that the doped holes form an insulating charge-density wave state with one doped hole per unit cell, i.e., a Wigner crystal. Spin correlations remain short ranged, as in the spin-liquid parent state, from which we infer that the state is a crystal of spinless holons, rather than of holes. Our results may be relevant to kagome lattice herbertsmithite upon doping.