"Highly Reversible Open Framework Nanoscale Electrodes for Divalent Ion Batteries"

Richard Y. Wang: Colin D. Wessells, Robert A. Huggins, and Yi Cui; ACS Nanoletters, 10/22/13.

Additional Authors: Colin D. Wessells, Robert A. Huggins, and Yi Cui


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The reversible insertion of monovalent ions such as lithium into electrode materials has enabled the development of rechargeable batteries with high energy density. Reversible insertion of divalent ions such as magnesium would allow the creation of new battery chemistries that are potentially safer and cheaper than lithium-based batteries. Here we report that nanomaterials in the Prussian Blue family of open framework materials, such as nickel hexacyanoferrate, allow for the reversible insertion of aqueous alkaline earth divalent ions, including Mg2+, Ca2+, Sr2+, and Ba2+. We show unprecedented long cycle life and high rate performance for divalent ion insertion. Our results represent a step forward and pave the way for future development in divalent batteries.