"Electrochemical Reactivity of Faceted β-Co(OH)2 Single Crystal Platelet Particles in Alkaline Electrolytes"

J. Tyler Mefford: Andrew R. Akbashev, Liming Zhang, William C. Chueh; The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 07/11/19.

Additional Authors: Andrew R. Akbashev, Liming Zhang, William C. Chueh


Oxygen evolution reaction is the kinetic bottleneck in the generation of H2 gas through the electrolysis of water. Understanding how water is electrochemically converted to oxygen is key to the development of high-performance electrocatalysts that can enable energy storage technologies based on water to hydrogen fuel generation. The use of well-defined metal oxide systems allows for the isolation of spatial reactivity in bulk redox conversion and oxygen evolution reactions. Herein, we investigate the electrochemical reactivity of well-faceted single-crystalline β-Co(OH)2 platelet particles in alkaline solutions as a function of pH, potential, and mass loading. A geometrical model that describes the electrochemically active surface area contributions for a porous electrode of stacked high-aspect ratio particles is developed, which pinpoints the origin of reactivity for redox conversion processes and oxygen evolution at the edge facets of the particles.