"Double-sided transistor device processability of carrierless ultrathin silicon wafers"

Ruby A. Lai: Thomas M. Hymel, Bofei Liu, Yi Cui; InfoMat, 02/04/20.

Additional Authors: Thomas M. Hymel, Bofei Liu, Yi Cui


Double-sided metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect-transistor processing is demonstrated for the first time on an ultrathin crystalline silicon substrate of 6-20 μm in a 100 mm diameter wafer format without a carrier wafer, the thinnest free-standing silicon wafers ever fabricated. The compatibility of the flexible material with conventional semiconductor processing tools is enabled by supporting an interior ultrathin silicon with a surrounding thicker ring of silicon. Current-voltage characteristics of transistors on ultrathin silicon show performance as expected from bulk silicon, with electron mobility ~1500 cm2 V−1 second−1. Mechanical measurements quantify the handleability.