"Detection and Cloaking of Molecular Objects in Coherent Nanostructures Using Inelastic Electron Tunneling Spectroscopy"

J. Fransson: H. C. Manoharan and A. V. Balatsky; Nano Lett., 04/19/10.

Additional Authors: H. C. Manoharan and A. V. Balatsky


We address quantum invisibility in the context of electronics in nanoscale quantum structures. We make use of the freedom of design that quantum corrals provide and show that quantum mechanical objects can be hidden inside the corral, with respect to inelastic electron scattering spectroscopy in combination with scanning tunneling microscopy, and we propose a design strategy. A simple illustration of the invisibility is given in terms of an elliptic quantum corral containing a molecule, with a local vibrational mode, at one of the foci. Our work has implications to quantum information technology and presents new tools for nonlocal quantum detection and distinguishing between different molecules.