"Critical temperature Tc and Pauli limited critical field of Sr2RuO4: Uniaxial strain dependence"

Yue Yu: Stuart Brown, S. Raghu, and Kun Yang; Physical Review B, 07/20/20.

Additional Authors: Stuart Brown, S. Raghu, and Kun Yang


Variations of critical temperature Tc and in-plane critical field Hc2 of Sr2RuO4 under uniaxial stress were recently reported. We compare the strain dependence of Tc and Hc2 in various pairing channels (d wave, extended s wave, and p-wave) with the experimental observations by studying a three-band tight-binding model that includes effects of spin-orbit and Zeeman couplings and a separable pairing interaction. Our study helps narrow down the possibility of pairing channels. The importance of the multiband nature of Sr2RuO4 is also highlighted.