"Effect of Disorder on the Resistivity Anisotropy Near the Electronic Nematic Phase Transition in Pure and Electron-Doped BaFe2As2"

Hsueh-Hui Kuo: Ian R. Fisher; Physical Review Letters, 06/04/14.

Additional Authors: Ian R. Fisher


We show that the strain-induced resistivity anisotropy in the tetragonal state of the representative underdoped Fe arsenides BaFe2As2, Ba(Fe1−xCox)2As2 and Ba(Fe1−xNix)2As2 is independent of disorder over a wide range of defect and impurity concentrations. This result demonstrates that the anisotropy in the in-plane resistivity in the paramagnetic orthorhombic state of this material is not due to elastic scattering from anisotropic defects. Conversely, our result can be most easily understood if the resistivity anisotropy arises primarily from an intrinsic anisotropy in the electronic structure.