"Applications for Nanoscale X-ray Imaging at High Pressure"

Wendy L. Mao: Yu Lin, Yijin Liu, Jin Liu; Engineering, 03/18/19.

Additional Authors: Yu Lin, Yijin Liu, Jin Liu


Coupling nanoscale transmission X-ray microscopy (nanoTXM) with a diamond anvil cell (DAC) has exciting potential as a powerful three-dimensional probe for non-destructive imaging at high spatial resolution of materials under extreme conditions. In this article, we discuss current developments in high-resolution X-ray imaging and its application in high-pressure nanoTXM experiments in a DAC with third-generation synchrotron X-ray sources, including technical considerations for preparing successful measurements. We then present results from a number of recent in situ high-pressure measurements investigating equations of state (EOS) in amorphous or poorly crystalline materials and in pressure-induced phase transitions and electronic changes. These results illustrate the potential this technique holds for addressing a wide range of research areas, ranging from condensed matter physics and solid-state chemistry to materials science and planetary interiors. Future directions for this exciting technique and opportunities to improve its capabilities for broader application in high-pressure science are discussed.