"Amidoxime-Functionalized Macroporous Carbon Self-Refreshed Electrode Materials for Rapid and High-Capacity Removal of Heavy Metal from Water"

Tong Wu: Chong Liu, Biao Kong, Jie Sun, Yongji Gong, Kai Liu, Jin Xie, Allen Pei, and Yi Cui; ACS Central Science, 03/28/19.

Additional Authors: Chong Liu, Biao Kong, Jie Sun, Yongji Gong, Kai Liu, Jin Xie, Allen Pei, and Yi Cui


Heavy metal pollution continues to be one of the most serious environmental problems which has attracted major global concern. Here, a rapid, highcapacity, yet economical strategy for deep cleaning of heavy metals ions in water is reported based on amidoxime-functionalized macroporous carbon electrode materials. The active sites of our material can be self-refreshed during the electrochemical removal process, which is different from traditional methods. The novel filter device in this work can purify contaminated water very rapidly (3000 L h−1 m−2), and can decrease heavy metal ion concentrations to below 5 ppb with a very short contact time (only 3 s). The original treatment efficiency of the device can be retained even after 1 week of continuous device operation. An extremely high removal capacity of over 2300 mg g−1 can be achieved with 2−3 orders of magnitude higher efficiency than that of surface adsorption-based commercial filters without any decay. Additionally, the cost of energy consumed in our method is lower than $6.67 × 10−3 per ton of wastewater. We envision that this approach can be routinely applied for the rapid, efficient, and thorough removal of heavy metals from both point-of-use water and industrial wastewater.