"A High-Rate Lithium Manganese Oxide-Hydrogen Battery"

Zhengxin Zhu: Mingming Wang, Yahan Meng, Zihan Lin, Yi Cui, Wei Chen; Nano Letters, 04/17/20.

Additional Authors: Mingming Wang, Yahan Meng, Zihan Lin, Yi Cui, Wei Chen


Rechargeable hydrogen gas batteries show promises for the integration of renewable yet intermittent solar and wind electricity into the grid energy storage. Here, we describe a rechargeable, high-rate, and long-life hydrogen gas battery that exploits a nanostructured lithium manganese oxide cathode and a hydrogen gas anode in an aqueous electrolyte. The proposed lithium manganese oxide-hydrogen battery shows a discharge potential of ∼1.3 V, a remarkable rate of 50 C with Coulombic efficiency of ∼99.8%, and a robust cycle life. A systematic electrochemical study demonstrates the significance of the electrocatalytic hydrogen gas anode and reveals the charge storage mechanism of the lithium manganese oxide-hydrogen battery. This work provides opportunities for the development of new rechargeable hydrogen batteries for the future grid-scale energy storage.

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