Hong-Chen Jiang (SIMES Friday Seminar)

Date(s) - Nov 15 2013
11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Shasta Room, Bldg. 40, Room 361


Topological Order and Entanglement Entropy

Hong-Chen Jiang

Department of Physics,  University of California, Berkeley

 Topological phases are unique states of matter which support non-local excitations which behave as particles with fractional statistics. A universal characterization of gapped topological phases is provided by the topological entanglement entropy (TEE). However, there is no practical way to directly determine the topological nature of states in physical systems. In my talk, I will introduce a simple and practical approach, the so-called cylinder construction, to identify topological order by entanglement entropy. As examples, by extracting accurate TEE, we identify the quantum spin liquid ground states with topological order in physical spin systems, including the Kagome Heisenberg model. Finally, I will also try to talk about the finite-size corrections to the TEE, and its relevance to previous and future searches for topological ordered phases.