Alexander Kemper (SIMES Seminar)

Date(s) - Mar 20 2015
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Shasta Room, Bldg. 40, Room 361


Theoretical studies of non-equilibrium spectroscopy

 Alexander F. Kemper

 Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

I  will present some recent theoretical results regarding non-equilibrium spectroscopy. First, we study the response of a system of electrons and phonons, and what can be learned by analyzing the return to equilibrium after excitation by a laser pulse. Using a non-equilibrium Keldysh formalism, we make a connection between the observed return to equilibrium and the underlying interaction, expressed through the self-energy [1,2]. We find that the dynamics and self-energy are fluence-and time-dependent due to the modification of the electron population, which in turn modifies the interactions [3].

Second,I will present some aspects of non-equilibrium physics in BCS superconductors. We solve the Nambu-Gor’kov equations for superconductivity within the Migdal-Eliashberg approximation, obtaining a full dynamic description of non-equilibrium BCS superconductivity. The temporal behavior after a pump exhibits characteristic 2D oscillations,  which we attribute to the Higgs, or amplitude mode [4]. Finally, motivated by recent experiments [5],  I will illustrate how superconductivity can be enhanced or suppressed through non-linear phononics. By modifying the physical parameters, we can model the driving of a lattice distortion, leading to an enhanced Tc [6].



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