SIMES Key Questions

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From Understanding to Action

Scientists have gained tremendous knowledge about quantum physics since its discovery a century ago. It is now possible to consider solving energy generation, transmission and storage properties of materials by directing the interactions between atoms at the level of their electrons. The ability to direct and control matter at the quantum, atomic and molecular levels creates enormous opportunities for scientist to solve basic energy problems.

SIMES is conducting groundbreaking research on a number of fundamental and applied energy problems, utilizing breakthroughs in materials, chemistry and ultrafast phenomena in novel ways.

Our core mission is to address grand challenges in the science of energy-related materials, to create knowledge, to develop leaders and to seek solutions.

Major Questions Facing Energy Science Today

Before we design new materials and invent new energy technologies, we must conduct basic research aimed at meeting the grand challenges put forth by the DOE’s Office of Basic Energy Sciences. To start, we ask:

  1. Why do quantum electronic materials have amazing emergent properties?
  2. What are the “step out” pathways to convert photons into energy and to store energy chemically?
  3. How can we design and synthesize materials, both physically- and bio-inspired, that exhibit these amazing quantum and energy transformative properties?
  4. How can we best measure, probe, and simulate the ultrafast photonic and electronic processes that drive all of the above?

SIMES works to solve these key questions, and to use that knowledge to develop solutions that lead to dramatic improvements for society and the earth.