Postdoctoral Scholars

The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs (OPA) is an invaluable resource.  It is advised that prospective postdoctoral scholars (postdocs) who have been offered a postdoctoral position at Stanford study its webpages and request OPA’s help before arriving at Stanford, and work closely with SIMES and the OPA until their appointment at Stanford is complete.

Visa: If the postdoc is not a US citizen or permanent resident, the Bechtel International Center will be asked to work with the postdoc and SIMES on the necessary visa. SIMES administration should be contacted for all questions and matters concerning postdoc visas.

A few very important points to remember regarding visas:

  • Postdocs planning to visit Stanford before being appointed (for example to interview) should check with their host at SIMES or SIMES administration beforehand on the type of visa to obtain.  In some cases entering the United States on the “wrong” kind of visa will affect SIMES’ ability to reimburse the postdoc’s travel expenses. The postdoctoral visitor may be asked to enter the United States on a “B” visa, or a “WB” visa waiver rather than on a “B2” Tourist visa or a “WT” Tourist waiver.  
  • Postdocs entering on a J-1 visa, must report their arrival to the International Scholar Services office of the Bechtel International Center.
  • If the postdoc has been notified that their travel will be reimbursed or paid by SLAC then he/she must report, in person, to the International Services Office at SLAC on the first business day present. The postdoc’s Stanford host or SIMES administration will notify the postdoc if he/she needs to comply with this SLAC requirement, which applies even if the visit entails working or visiting only the Stanford campus.

Housing: see the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs housing page for helpful links.