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May 2018:

Also in SLAC Today:

SLAC has recently received updated guidance from the DOE regarding foreign security requirements set forth by the U.S. Department of State for travel to a list of foreign countries. DOE has confirmed travelers for contractors (such as any SLAC employees) are not required to take the Serving Abroad for Families and Employees (S.A.F.E.), High Threat Security Overseas Seminar (HTSOS) or the Foreign Affairs Counter Threat (FACT) training.

The Department of State stipulates that these trainings are required for federal employees and personnel under Chief of Mission authority only. At the same time, DOE encourages all other staff to take the training due to heightened overseas security concerns, as the training can provide travelers with threat and situational awareness against criminal and terrorist attacks while working or traveling in high-threat regions.

Effective immediately, all SLAC travelers to a foreign location are not required to take the S.A.F.E., HTSOS, or FACT training when they submit a pre-trip request in Concur.

Travelers are still advised to submit their request at least 45 days in advance to allow time for Travel @ SLAC to process the request, get approvals, obtain country clearance and allow time to take the training if requested by the embassy.

Individual U.S. embassies granting country clearance have the discretion to withhold country clearance for employees if they have not completed the training. Should any U.S. embassy location require training to be completed prior to country clearance, we will advise the traveler to take the appropriate training. We expect these types of instances to be isolated and infrequent. At this time, we are aware of two U.S. embassy locations that require training – Argentina and Nigeria. We will compile a list of training-required locations as we become aware of them.

The Travel @ SLAC website will be updated soon to reflect this new development. Please contact the team if you have any questions at


March 2018: There are new conditions for traveling to China due to sensitivity between the Chinese administration and the US Department of State.

Based on information  received from DOE, official SLAC travel to China will be approved if both of the following conditions are met:

1)            The trip must be have DOE/HEP/BES funding. Any trips that have accepted funding from their Chinese hosts will not be approved.
2)            The traveler is required to provide an official briefing after their trip. This official briefing should include names of people met during the trip, purpose of the trip, and any outcomes or actions. This briefing should then be sent to SLAC Travel Office will then forward the briefing to the Office of Science.

The Travel website will be updated to include a template for the briefing after the trip. It must be attached to the traveler’s expense report, if it is not it may prevent the traveler from receiving reimbursements.

There are no restrictions to the number of travelers entering in China.

Remember to submit travel requests in Concur at least 45 days before your travel date to ensure SLAC Travel Office can obtain approval in time for your trip.


May 2017All foreign travel requests must include an emergency contact.

Other points to be aware of:

  • Submit your travel request and start the security training (if needed) at least 45 days before the start of your trip.
  • Travel overseas on SLAC (SIMES) funding requires obtaining “country clearance” from the US Embassy in the destination country. This takes several weeks. Therefore plan ahead and submit your travel request as early as you can. See page 4 of SLAC’s travel policies and procedures .
  • Travel to France may require you to buy your airfare before travel is approved. Travel will let you know if this is needed.  Travel to France also requires you to take a security briefing at SLAC.
  • Travel to China requires you to take a security briefing at SLAC (see March 2018 update, above).
  • If you are traveling overseas with funding from the foreign host (whether all or partial), the code to enter is (FFUND) Foreign Funded – either start by entering “F” or scroll through the pulldown list of numerical P-A numbers to the bottom. You can have another line for funding from a SLAC P-A.