SLAC or Stanford Travel?

Most travel for SIMES is done on behalf of a DOE project, and thus is approved and reimbursed using SLAC travel procedures. The first thing the scientist should determine is whether his/her travel involves SIMES or Stanford University funding.

Traveling for SLAC

Traveling for business at SLAC involves many rules due to our DoE funding restrictions. What follows is an overview of these rules. Refer to the SLAC Travel Office website for more information, advice and tips on traveling. Please do not hesitate to contact SIMES Administration if you have questions.

Note: All travel authorizations, travel expenses reports, and conference approval and reimbursement forms that utilize SIMES account numbers are to be routed through SIMES Administration. Please click on the following links to learn more about each of the required SLAC Travel processes for reimbursement following the sequence of steps listed. (Click on links to see detailed process flow).

Update May 2017: All foreign travel FTAs must include an emergency contact, not just Germany and Switzerland as the form states.
If you are including personal days, domestic or foreign, you will need an airfare comparison for reimbursement.  When making your airline reservation, search for and save an itinerary and pricing for the trip without personal days.

Main SLAC Travel page (requires SLAC login) is here:

Step 1: Conference Attendance  Website orScreen Shots with instructions

Step 2: Travel Authorization/Reimbursement for Local, Domestic, and Foreign Travel

Process Flow or Domestic and Foreign Travel Forms (there is a link to “Forms” on left side of SLAC travel page)

Step 3: Conference Registration Fee Reimbursement/ (Screen Shots)

If not using STAP funds for conference registration, include this expense on your DTER or FTER.
If using STAP funds, then request reimbursement through training, and do a “non-PO voucher” (ask SIMES Administration for assistance)


SLAC Visitor Travel and Reimbursement

SLAC’s scientists and administrators often invite visitors to SLAC to discuss research findings or to collaborate on research projects. If the visitor’s travel expenses are to be reimbursed using DOE funds, the visitor must follow a prescribed SLAC process. In addition, foreign nationals are asked to visit the SLAC International Service Office to verify their passports/visas. See Visitor Travel information and Visitor Travel Expense Report form. SIMES Administration can assist you.

Traveling for Stanford University

Travel that is to be supported and reimbursed through Stanford University does not require pre-approval (except if postdoc or student — see below). Scientists may arrange their travel with just a few caveats (e.g. air travel must be with a domestic carrier: save your receipts). SIMES Administration can assist in requesting reimbursement or the scientist can process his/her own reimbursement. See the Travel section at Stanford’s Gateway to Financial Activities (Fingate) for information on traveling with Stanford.

Preapproval (Students and Postdocs Only): Reimbursement payments to students and postdocs who attend, speak or present at a conference or meeting, or visit a field site or off-campus laboratory, will be tax-reportable unless one of two documents are included with the reimbursement request.