Research Proposals

Research funding results from a scientist’s diligent and thoughtful efforts to educate and inform potential sponsors of the significance of his/her research idea and the promise of ground-breaking results. SIMES research programs begin by scientists developing a short “white paper,” and if encouraged, drafting and submitting a formal proposal.

White Papers

  • White Papers are the first step in introducing a new research project or program at SIMES. White papers are usually 1-10 pages in length and contain a project hypothesis, background, research methodology, budget, researcher CV(s) and relevant reference publications.
  • White papers are submitted by SIMES and SLAC leadership to the appropriate DOE program office.
  • Please contact SIMES research staff to seek additional guidance pertaining to white paper concept, design, coordination with other PIs/faculty, and strategic use of SLAC or SU facilities.
  • DOE White Paper Guidance document here.
  • About a month after submitting the white paper to the DOE, researchers can expect a decision as to whether or not a full formal proposal is desired by the DOE. (Please see Field Work Proposal section below.)

DOE Field Work Proposals (FWP)

  • A DOE Field Work Proposal is a formal research proposal which follows specific DOE formatting guidelines.
  • SIMES proposals are submitted through SLAC and abide by SLAC’s FWP approval process. SIMES staff can assist you in developing the budget, assembling any paperwork and facilitating approvals.
  • Typical Annual Timeline for Proposal Review and Approval
    • October: Researchers submit white paper
    • November: DOE reviews, and if favorable, asks for full proposal
    • December: PIs submit full proposal, PIs write science using DOE proposal format guidelines, SIMES staff create budgets, initiate SLAC documents, and coordinate SLAC internal review. SLAC Budget Office submits proposal to DOE in DOE searchable database
    • January through June: DOE reviews proposals
    • June through September: DOE notifies PI of funding status

If funded, SIMES staff assist PI in establishing research accounts and administration. PIs begin research work.