Standard Supplies and Equipment

There are two main ways to purchase supplies and equipment, depending on whether the purchase is made through SLAC or Stanford.

SLAC Purchases

Purchases made through SLAC can be made through SLAC eShop or by submitting a purchase requisition.

  1. eShop Easy Requests
    eShop is a Business-to-Business (B2B) process that allows requesters to quickly and easily place orders directly with a specific list of vendors by shopping the online catalog.  Access to eShop is available to all, but there is some training involved.  Contact SIMES Procurement Administration if you plan to use eShop. 
  2. Purchase Requisition
    For purchases that are not made through eShop, requesters can place a conventional purchase requisition, which is routed to a buyer in SLAC Procurement.  Access to the purchase requisition process is limited to those with PeopleSoft eProcurement accounts and involves training.  Generally, one or two persons within each research group should have this capability. Contact SIMES Procurement Administration to find the purchaser in your group.

Stanford Purchases

Stanford purchases are made through Stanford’s  iProcurement system.

If you are authorized to utilize PI project or SIMES’ funds, and know how to make purchases:

  1. Go to SU Internet Procurement.
  2. Enter your order, following the chart “Determining Best Purchasing Method.”

If you are not authorized to use iProcurement, please contact SIMES Procurement Administration for assistance.