Posters for Conferences, Seminars and Workshops

Printing Posters: Large sized posters for conferences, seminars and workshops can be printed using approved vendors.


Poster Templates

Posters for DOE Review: a template is available here.

SLAC Poster Templates are available at the SLAC Office of Communications website (SLAC login required). Go to the Office of Communications page, then under “Staff Resources” select “Templates and Tools.

Details are provided on how to use the templates.  PowerPoint commands are included to help you to create professional-looking posters.  The poster templates are set up to print on 36″x48″ paper, either “portrait” or “landscape” format.

If you run into technical difficulties in creating your poster from a template, contact infomedia@slac  for help.


Ordering posters:

Contact the SIMES Procurement Specialist to request poster printing.

The standard poster size is 36″ x 48″.

Attach to your email:

  • The .pdf file of your poster
  • Note whether you want glossy, matte, plain, or fabric print.


Paying for posters:

If you need to use another service to print your poster, first contact  the SIMES Administration Procurement Specialist for information and instructions. The  SLAC P-card is to be used for payment.

Do not pay from your own pocket for any poster printing. SLAC Procurement will not reimburse you via a Special Payment.