How Best to Purchase Supplies and Equipment?

There are two factors that determine how research supplies and equipment are purchased for SIMES projects:

  • What is being purchased
  • Which funds will be used to make the purchase.

SIMES is a joint institute of Stanford University and SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. The US Department of Energy (DOE) is the primary-but not the only- agency supporting SIMES’ research programs. Usually, if the supplies or equipment are to be used on SLAC’s site  or purchased using DOE funds, the purchases are made through SLAC’s Procurement services. On the other hand, use of Stanford’s many service centers is usually arranged through SIMES administration on the Stanford campus, whether or not DOE funds are being used.

Questions?  Please contact SIMES Administration Procurement Specialist.

What Are You Purchasing?

Choose the link for the type of purchase you are making and follow the directions and links for SLAC or Stanford, as appropriate.

Links to SLAC or Stanford Procurement Systems

Purchases Requiring P-cards or Reimbursements for Petty Cash