"Vestigial chiral and charge orders from bidirectional spin-density waves: Application to the iron-based superconductors"

R. M. Fernandes: S. A. Kivelson, and E. Berg; Physical Review B, 01/19/16.

Additional Authors: S. A. Kivelson, and E. Berg


Recent experiments in optimally hole-doped iron arsenides have revealed a novel magnetically ordered ground state that preserves tetragonal symmetry, consistent with either a charge-spin density wave (CSDW), which displays a nonuniform magnetization, or a spin-vortex crystal (SVC), which displays a noncollinear magnetization. Here we show that, similarly to the partial melting of the usual stripe antiferromagnet into a nematic phase, either of these phases can also melt in two stages. As a result, intermediate paramagnetic phases with vestigial order appears: a checkerboard charge density wave for the CSDW ground state, characterized by an Ising-like order parameter, and a remarkable spin-vorticity density wave for the SVC ground state—a triplet d-density wave characterized by a vector chiral order parameter. We propose experimentally detectable signatures of these phases, show that their fluctuations can enhance the superconducting transition temperature, and discuss their relevance to other correlated materials