"Time-resolved resonant inelastic x-ray scattering in a pumped Mott insulator"

Yao Wang: Yuan Chen, Chunjing Jia, Brian Moritz, and Thomas P. Devereaux; Physical Review B, 04/21/20.

Additional Authors: Yuan Chen, Chunjing Jia, Brian Moritz, and Thomas P. Devereaux


Collective excitations contain rich information about photoinduced transient states in correlated systems. In a Mott insulator, charge degrees of freedom are frozen, but can be activated by photodoping. The energymomentum distribution of the charge excitation spectrum reflects the propagation of charge degrees of freedom and provides information about the interplay among various intertwined instabilities on the timescale set by the pump. To reveal charge excitations out of equilibrium, we simulate time-resolved x-ray absorption and resonant inelastic x-ray scattering using a Hubbard model. After pumping, the former resolves photodoping, while the latter characterizes the formation, dispersion, weight, and nonlinear effects of collective excitations. Intermediate-state information from time-resolved resonant inelastic x-ray scattering (trRIXS) can be used to decipher the origin of these excitations, including bimagnons, Mott-gap excitations, doublon and single-electron in-gap states, and anti-Stokes relaxation during an ultrafast pump. This paper provides a theoretical foundation for existing and future trRIXS experiments.