"Single-layer tensor network study of the Heisenberg model with chiral interactions on a kagome lattice"

R. Haghshenas: Shou-Shu Gong and D. N. Sheng; Physical Review B, 05/22/19.

Additional Authors: Shou-Shu Gong and D. N. Sheng


We study the antiferromagnetic kagome Heisenberg model with an additional scalar-chiral interaction by using the infinite projected entangled-pair state (iPEPS) ansatz. We discuss in detail the implementation of the optimization algorithm in the framework of the single-layer tensor network based on the corner transfer matrix technique. Our benchmark based on the full-update algorithm shows that the single-layer algorithm is stable, which leads to the same level of accuracy as the double-layer ansatz but with much less computation time. We further apply this algorithm to study the nature of the kagome Heisenberg model with a scalar-chiral interaction by computing the bond dimension scaling of magnetization, bond energy difference, chiral order parameter, and correlation length. In particular, we find that for strong chiral coupling the correlation length, which is extracted from the transfer matrix, saturates to a finite value for large bond dimension, representing a gapped spin-liquid state. Further comparison with density matrix renormalization group results supports that our iPEPS faithfully represents the time-reversal symmetry breaking chiral state. Our iPEPS simulation results shed new light on constructing PEPS for describing gapped chiral topological states.