"Power-independent wavelength determination by hot carrier collection in metal-insulator-metal devices"

Fuming Wang: Nicholas A. Melosh; Nature Communications, 04/16/13.

Additional Authors: Nicholas A. Melosh


Wavelength separation and detection is generally performed by spatial dispersal of incident light onto separate detectors, or by appropriate wavelength-selective filters. Here we demonstrate direct wavelength determination of monochromatic light in a power-independent fashion with a single metal-insulator-metal device. This simple platform allows facile fabrication and scaling, and may be useful for on-chip optical communications. Although a single wavelength is power-independent, with two or more concurrent input signals, the output obeys a simple current sum rule, allowing the output to be tuned by choosing the input wavelengths and power. Finally, we demonstrate real-time deconvolution of three different wavelength asynchronous signals.