"Lithium Metal Anode Materials Design: Interphase and Host"

Hansen Wang: Yayuan Liu, Yuzhang Li, Yi Cui; Electrochemical Energy Reviews, 10/12/19.

Additional Authors: Yayuan Liu, Yuzhang Li, Yi Cui


Li metal is the ultimate anode choice due to its highest theoretical capacity and lowest electrode potential, but it is far from practical applications with its poor cycle lifetime. Recent research progresses show that materials designs of interphase and host structures for Li metal are two effective ways addressing the key issues of Li metal anodes. Despite the exciting improvement on Li metal cycling capability, problems still exist with these methodologies, such as the deficient long-time cycling stability of interphase materials and the accelerated Li corrosion for high surface area three-dimensional composite Li anodes. As a result, Coulombic efficiency of Li metal is still not sufficient for full-cell cycling. In the near future, an interphase protected three-dimensional composite Li metal anode, combined with high performance novel electrolytes might be the ultimate solution. Besides, nanoscale characterization technologies are also vital for guiding future Li metal anode designs.