"Lithium Electrochemical Tuning for Electrocatalysis"

Zhiyi Lu: Kun Jiang, Guangxu Chen, Haotian Wang, Yi Cui; Advanced Materials, 09/10/18.

Additional Authors: Kun Jiang, Guangxu Chen, Haotian Wang, Yi Cui


Electrocatalysis is of great importance to a variety of energy conversion processes, where developing highly efficient catalysts is critical. While common strategies involve screening a wide range of materials with new chemical compositions or structures, a different approach to continuously, controllably, and effectively tune the electronic properties of existing catalytic materials for optimized activities has been demonstrated recently. Inspired by studies in lithiumā€ion batteries, systematical lithium electrochemical tuning (LiET) methods such as Li intercalation, extraction, cycling, and strain engineering, are employed to effectively tune the electronic structures of different existing catalysts and thus improve their catalytic activities dramatically. Herein, the advantages of the LiET method in electrocatalysis are introduced, and then some recent representative examples in improving the performances of important electrochemical reactions are reviewed briefly. Lastly, a few promising directions on extending the applications of the LiET method in electrocatalysis are proposed.