"Frequency-dependent sensitivity of AC elastocaloric effect measurements explored through analytical and numerical models"

J. A. W. Straquadine: M. S. Ikeda, and I. R. Fisher; Review of Scientific Instruments, 08/11/20.

Additional Authors: M. S. Ikeda, and I. R. Fisher


We present a comprehensive study of the frequency-dependent sensitivity for measurements of the AC elastocaloric effect by applying both exactly soluble models and numerical methods to the oscillating heat flow problem. These models reproduce the finer details of the thermal transfer functions observed in experiments, considering here representative data for single-crystal Ba(Fe1−xCox)2As2. Based on our results, we propose a set of practical guidelines for experimentalists using this technique. This work establishes a baseline against which the frequency response of the AC elastocaloric technique can be compared and provides intuitive explanations of the detailed structure observed in experiments.