"Fractional charge and emergent mass hierarchy in diagonal two-leg t-J cylinders"

Yi-Fan Jiang: Hong-Chen Jiang, Hong Yao, and Steven A. Kivelson; Physical Review B, 09/25/17.

Additional Authors: Hong-Chen Jiang, Hong Yao, and Steven A. Kivelson



We define a class of “diagonal” tJ ladders rotated by π/4 relative to the canonical lattice directions of the square lattice, and study it using density matrix renormalization group. Here, we focus on the two-leg cylinder with a doped hole concentration near x=1/4. At exactly x=1/4, the system forms a period 4 charge density wave and exhibits spin-charge separation. Slightly away from 1/4 doping, we observe several topologically distinct types of solitons with well-defined fractionalized quantum numbers. Remarkably, given the absence of any obvious small parameter, the effective masses of the emergent solitons differ by several orders of magnitude.