"Fermi-surface reconstruction in a smectic phase of a high-temperature superconductor"

Hong Yao: Dung-Hai Lee, and Steven Kivelson; Phys. Rev. B , 07/25/11.

Additional Authors: Dung-Hai Lee, and Steven Kivelson


It is shown that, in the presence of a moderately strong C4 symmetry breaking (which could be produced either by lattice orthorhombicity or the presence of an electron nematic phase), a weak, period 4, unidirectional charge density wave (“charge stripe”) order can reconstruct the Fermi surface of a typical hole-doped cuprate to produce a small electron pocket. This form of charge density wave order is consistent with that adduced from recent high field NMR experiments in YBCO. The Fermi pocket has an area and effective mass which is a rough caricature of those seen in recent high field quantum oscillation experiments.