"Emerging In Situ and Operando Nanoscale X-Ray Imaging Techniques for Energy Storage Materials"

Johanna Nelson Weker: Michael F. Toney; Advanced Functional Materials, 02/04/15.

Additional Authors: Michael F. Toney


Electrical vehicles (EVs) are an attractive option for moving towards a CO2 neutral transportation sector, but in order for widespread commercial use of EVs, the cost of electrical energy storage (i.e., batteries) must be reduced and the energy storage capacity must be increased. New, higher performing but Earth abundant electrodes are needed to accomplish this goal. To aid the development of these materials, in situ characterization to understand battery operation and failure is essential. Since electrodes are inherently heterogeneous, with a range of relevant length scales, imaging is a necessary component of the suite of characterization methods. In this Feature Article, the rapidly growing and developing field of X-ray based microscopy (XM) techniques is described and reviewed focusing on in situ and operando adaptations. Further, in situ transmission electron microscopy (TEM) is briefly discussed in this context and its complement to XM is emphasized. Finally, a perspective is given on some emerging X-ray based imaging approaches for energy storage materials.