"Duality web on a 3D Euclidean lattice and manifestation of hidden symmetries"

Jun Ho Son: Jing-Yuan Chen, S. Raghu; Journal of High Energy Physics, 06/11/19.

Additional Authors: Jing-Yuan Chen, S. Raghu


We generalize our previous lattice construction of the abelian bosonization duality in 2 + 1 dimensions to the entire web of dualities as well as the Nf = 2 self-duality, via the lattice implementation of a set of modular transformations in the theory space. The microscopic construction provides explicit operator mappings, and allows the manifestation of some hidden symmetries. It also exposes certain caveats and implicit assumptions beneath the usual application of the modular transformations to generate the web of dualities. Finally, we make brief comments on the non-relativistic limit of the dualities.