"Doubling the Stakes: The Promise of Halide Double Perovskites"

N. R. Wolf: B. A. Connor, A. H. Slavney, and H. I. Karunadasa; Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 02/23/21.

Additional Authors: B. A. Connor, A. H. Slavney, and H. I. Karunadasa


When the stakes are doubled in a wager, a player must correctly place two consecutive bets to win, but the payout is larger. Similarly, two B sites in combination dictate the properties of A2BB′X6 (A=monocation, X=halide) double perovskites. Correctly picking two B sites is more challenging than picking just one, as in the AIBIIX3 single perovskites, but the options are greater and, we believe, the rewards are higher when the stakes are doubled. In this Minireview, we emphasize fundamental aspects of halide double perovskites to provide a foundation for interested readers to explore this extraordinary class of materials. In particular, we highlight the differences and similarities between double and single perovskites and describe how the double perovskite structure potentially offers greater control over photophysical properties.