"Correlation-assisted quantized charge pumping"

Jacob. A. Marks: Michael Schüler, Jan C. Budich, and Thomas P. Devereaux; Physical Review B, 01/11/21.

Additional Authors: Michael Schüler, Jan C. Budich, and Thomas P. Devereaux


We investigate charge pumping in the vicinity of order-obstructed topological phases, i.e., symmetry-protected topological phases masked by spontaneous symmetry breaking in the presence of strong correlations. To explore this, we study a prototypical Su-Schrieffer-Heeger model with finite-range interaction that gives rise to orbital charge density wave order and characterize the impact of this order on the model’s topological properties. In the ordered phase, where the many-body topological invariant loses quantization, we find that not only is quantized charge pumping still possible, but it is even assisted by the collective nature of the orbital charge density wave order. Remarkably, we show that the Thouless pump scenario may be used to uncover the underlying topology of order-obstructed phases.