"Cold-spots and glassy nematicity in underdoped cuprates"

Kyungmin Lee: Steven A. Kivelson, and Eun-Ah Kim; Physical Review B, 07/11/16.

Additional Authors: Steven A. Kivelson, and Eun-Ah Kim


There is now copious direct experimental evidence of various forms of (short-range) charge order in underdoped cuprate high temperature superconductors, and spectroscopic signatures of a nodal-antinodal dichotomy in the structure of the single-particle spectral functions. In this context we analyze the Bogoliubov quasiparticle spectrum in a superconducting nematic glass. The coincidence of the superconducting “nodal points” and the nematic “cold-spots” on the Fermi surface naturally accounts for many of the most salient features of the measured spectral functions (from angle-resolved photoemission) and the local density of states (from scanning tunneling microscopy).