"Calculation of the effect of random superfluid density on the temperature dependence of the penetration depth"

Thomas Lippman: Kathryn A. Moler; Physical Review B, 03/30/12.

Additional Authors: Kathryn A. Moler


Microscopic variations in composition or structure can lead to nanoscale inhomogeneity in superconducting properties such as the magnetic penetration depth, but measurements of these properties are usually made on longer length scales. We solve a generalized London equation with a non-uniform penetration depth λ(r), obtaining an approximate solution for the disorder-averaged Meissner screening. We find that the effective penetration depth is different from the average penetration depth and is sensitive to the details of the disorder. These results indicate the need for caution when interpreting measurements of the penetration depth and its temperature dependence in systems which may be inhomogeneous.