"From quantum matter to high-temperature superconductivity in copper oxides"

B. Keimer: S. A. Kivelson, M. R. Norman, S. Uchida & J. Zaanen; Nature, 02/11/15.

Additional Authors: S. A. Kivelson, M. R. Norman, S. Uchida & J. Zaanen


The discovery of high-temperature superconductivity in the copper oxides in 1986 triggered a huge amount of innovative scientific inquiry. In the almost three decades since, much has been learned about the novel forms of quantum matter that are exhibited in these strongly correlated electron systems. A qualitative understanding of the nature of the superconducting state itself has been achieved. However, unresolved issues include the astonishing complexity of the phase diagram, the unprecedented prominence of various forms of collective fluctuations, and the simplicity and insensitivity to material details of the ‘normal’ state at elevated temperatures.