"New Parameter Estimation and Detection Algorithm for High Speed Small Target"

MENGDAO XING: JUNHAI SU, GENYUAN WANG, ZHENG BAO; Ieee Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems, 1/1/11.



Target detection and parameter estimation are the principal
problems of radar applications. The detection and parameter
estimation for high-speed small targets are challenging for
narrowband radar since the target may only occupy one range
cell with small reflectivity. In addition, the high speed makes the
target shift through range cells during the observation period,
which makes it difficult to improve the target’s reflecting energy
coherent accumulation and signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). An
algorithm for high-speed small target detection and parameter
estimation with narrowband radar is proposed in this paper.
Firstly three target motion parameters, i.e., the cross-range
frequency modulation rate, ambiguous Doppler frequency, and
fold factor are estimated one by one. Then based on the estimated
parameters, a target detection method is proposed. In addition,
we also analyze the detection performance under estimation
error. After that, an improved method for fold factor estimation
is presented. Simulation results have proved the validity of the
proposed algorithm.