"Optimal Tc of cuprates: role of screening and reservoir layers"

S. Raghu: R. Thomale, and T. H. Geballe; Physical Review B, 09/06/12.

Additional Authors: R. Thomale, and T. H. Geballe


We explore the role of charge reservoir layers (CRLs) on the superconducting transition temperature of cuprate
superconductors. Specifically, we study the effect of CRLs with efficient short distance dielectric screening
coupled capacitively to copper oxide metallic layers. We argue that dielectric screening at short distances and at
frequencies of the order of the superconducting gap, but small compared to the Fermi energy can significantly
enhance Tc, the transition temperature of an unconventional superconductor. We discuss the relevance of our
qualitative arguments to a broader class of unconventional superconductors.